Victoria is a data protection, privacy and technology lawyer with over 18 years' experience advising on all aspects of data protection and privacy law. She has advised organisations across various sectors including life sciences, technology, media, advertising, manufacturing and retail.

Victoria has a particular interest in working with data rich organisations and businesses including those collecting and using health data in the biotech, medical device and digital health industries. She supports these companies with pragmatic solutions addressing the additional regulatory burdens of working with sensitive personal data, including in relation to clinical trials and the building of digital products which embed this data. Victoria also advises businesses on the privacy implications of new technologies such as the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI).

Victoria supports many international organisations on pan-European and global data privacy projects, advising on solutions for cross-border data transfers that are so necessary for international business. Her time spent working in Silicon Valley and in-house has given her an additional appreciation for creative data privacy solutions that facilitate clients' product development and geographic growth ambitions.

Victoria frequently helps businesses deal with launching new products/services, outsourcing agreements, data security breaches, all aspects of GDPR compliance and data governance, use of cookies/trackers and whistleblowing schemes.

Victoria has also helped develop new privacy laws, as part of the team that advised the Government of Bermuda on the drafting and implementation of the Bermudian Personal Information Protection Act.

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