Scam emails

UK scam correspondence warning

We have been made aware that the Taylor Wessing name and/or the names of some of our individual partners and employees have recently been used in fraudulent scam emails. The unsolicited emails purport to be sent from individuals at Taylor Wessing (who genuinely work at the firm), often with vague initial information and asking for a response in order to provide further detail. For example, we have seen emails purporting to advise of an inheritance which ask for further details and/or bank information to be provided. We do not have any involvement in the emails and our name is being used without our authorisation.

What to look out for

Our email domains have the suffix and we do not use Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo email addresses. Please check the sender's details and be aware of email addresses that may look similar to our domain but are not identical.

You should also be cautious if you receive unsolicited emails from Taylor Wessing that have suspicious content, such as:

  • Unusual spelling or grammar;
  • Asking that you open attachments or click on links;
  • Encouraging you to provide confidential or personal information, including your bank details.

New scams are constantly being created and you should be wary of any other types of unsolicited emails, phone calls or letters you receive purporting to be from Taylor Wessing. The aim of scams is usually to extract money or personal data from you, which may be used in illegal activities. The correspondence may not always request money or personal details on initial contact but may do so after you respond, so we strongly recommend that you do not engage at all if you are suspicious.

What should you do?

If you receive correspondence purporting to be from Taylor Wessing that you believe may be fraudulent or if you wish to verify its authenticity, please contact us. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT RESPOND to the correspondence and that you delete it once you have informed us.

Please also visit the Solicitors Regulation Authority website for further information and for known scams involving UK law firms.