Rachel Mc Causland


Rachel Mc Causland

Rachel specialises in the growth, capital raising and international expansion of technology companies. Rachel has experience advising companies and investors on venture capital and private equity financing, mergers and acquisitions and corporate reorganisations.

Rachel has a particular interest in disruptive technologies, including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, fintech, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and digital health. She has advised several companies on the legislative landscape and registration requirements for disruptive technology companies seeking to establish themselves and trade in Ireland.

Rachel also advises fashion and design houses ranging from FashTech start-ups to global brands on their e-commerce operations, white label arrangements, SaaS offerings and cloud services

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Chasing Unicorns - Season 1

Episode 3 - from founder to investor

Rachel Mc Causland and Rich Barnwell, a partner and investor at Delta Partners, discuss the evolution of the start-up journey.

30 novembre 2022

par Rachel Mc Causland

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République d'Irlande

Rachel Mc Causland looks at fashion and retail tech companies with a focus on sustainability entering the Irish market

15 septembre 2022

par Rachel Mc Causland

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What does it take to liquidate a limited liability company in China?

Our expert Kai Kim discusses in this video the path to an ultimate de-registration of a company in China, a de-registration following a liquidation.

5 décembre 2022

par Kai Kim (née Schlender), M.A.

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Droit de la consommation

Consumer and retail in the news

2 décembre 2022
Quick read

par plusieurs auteurs

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