Lisa Seidel

Professional support lawyer

Lisa Seidel

Lisa is a member of our practice area Corporate/M&A at the Hamburg office. As a Professional Support Lawyer, she supports our corporate team in national and international legal affairs. She is in charge of general corporate housekeeping as well as inquiries regarding our international corporate secretarial services.

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Contrats commerciaux et Consommation

4 things you should know about China's “unreliable entity list”

China In & Out

24 février 2021
Quick read

par Kai Schlender, M.A.

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Technologie, Médias et Communications (TMC)

Advising Peak AI Limited on $21 million Series B funding to make AI accessible to all businesses

22 février 2021

par plusieurs auteurs

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Sciences de la vie et Santé

Acting on transformational roll-up and $250 million crossover financing of cutting-edge UK and European biotech companies

16 février 2021

par Ross McNaughton et Colin McCall

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Two new partners appointed in the Netherlands

This article is available in English and Dutch

15 février 2021

par Elmar Dijkstra et Nick Kampschreur

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