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NeTWork: Litigation funding solutions

Litigation funding has fundamentally altered the global litigation landscape, as third-party funding allows you to pursue claims you choose not to finance yourself.

There are numerous benefits to third-party funding over and above avoiding the significant financial costs involved in complex high-value litigation. These include removing at a stroke the systemic advantages of better resourced opponents, such as them dragging out litigation, in the hope that a claimant runs out of funds. As a result, litigation funding often improves the chances of a pragmatic, quicker settlement. 

But securing funding on the right terms can be extremely challenging. Navigating an ever-changing landscape is a time-consuming and complicated process, often throwing up more questions than answers.

How we can help: Taylor Wessing NeTWork

Taylor Wessing NeTWork is a market-leading proposition that simplifies and expedites how you can get litigation funding. 

Through our unparalleled relationships with the litigation funding community we've secured a unique arrangement with a panel of leading international litigation funders, who collectively deploy over £1 billion of funding.

This arrangement means we'll not only provide you with the exceptional legal insight you'd expect from Taylor Wessing, but you also have the greatest chance of securing the funding you need for your claim, on the right terms and in a fraction of the time. 

As part of our NeTWork service you'll get:  

  • a direct dialogue with the chief investment officer (or equivalent) of our panel funders
  • an initial view from the panel funders within five business days 
  • preferential funding terms if funding is offered by a panel funder
  • an existing NDA with the panel funders, so you don't lose time in taking matters forward.

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