Paul England

Paul England, DPhil

Senior professional support lawyer

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Paul England

Paul England, DPhil

Senior professional support lawyer

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15 March 2018

Synapse - law for life sciences - March 2018

This month on Synapse

CJEU rules on prescription support software as a medical device

Evelyne Friedel, Tasmina Goraya and Mathias Kuhn discuss the CJEU's first ruling on the scope of the definition of 'medical device' in the Medical Devices Directive as it applies to standalone software.

Topical issues

Possible ban on the mail-order of prescription-only (Rx) medicinal products in Germany

Daniel Tietjen explains the coalition proposal in Germany that local pharmacies should be strengthened by banning the mail-order of prescription-only medicinal products.

Dutch competition authority ACM targets pharmacy sector in 2018-2019

Bram Nijhof discusses how the issue of high prices for medicines is at the top of the Dutch Authority for Consumer and Market's priority list in the coming two years.

CJEU hearing on Truvada SPC

From behind the scenes, Matthew Royle reviews the arguments heard by the CJEU in the latest SPC referral from Arnold J in Teva and others v Gilead, C-121/17.

UKIPO consultation on implementation of the Trade Secrets Directive

Andrew Payne reports on the UKIPO consultation paper on the implementation of Directive 2016/943/EU concerning trade secrets into UK law.

UK government announces review responding to patient concerns about three NHS treatments

Tasmina Goraya discusses a UK government review considering how the UK health system responds to reports from patients about side effects from three NHS treatments.

PM confirms UK's desire to remain part of the EMA

Matthew Royle considers the latest statement from the UK Government on Brexit and medicines.

Brexit and Beyond – Wellcome's recommendations from the Future Partnership

Andrew Payne reviews Wellcome's report on the possible structure of a new UK-EU research partnership following the UK's departure from the EU.

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