The New Standard Contractual Clauses – The implementation

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The Implementation - EU, UK and Asia Session

In June 2021, the European Commission published the much-anticipated new standard contractual clauses (SCCs) for cross-border transfers of personal data. 

Now things are getting serious, the first deadline is approaching: From 27 September, only the new standard contractual clauses may be used when concluding new contracts, leading to largely increased efforts.

What needs to be done? Please join us for our upcoming webinar as our data protection experts will discuss the most important To Dos in order to be prepared for the implementation of the new requirements.

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The SCC Generator – A Legal Tech solution for your Standard Contractual Clauses

Our standard data protection clause generator allows you to use questions to put together the right contract template with the clauses relevant to you.

Check out now:  SCC Generator

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Webinar: The New Standard Contractual Clauses

A first overview of the changes

21 June 2021

by multiple authors

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