We’re a law firm for the game changers; the smart thinkers; the ground breakers. As a Top 20 law firm, we act as the legal advisors to the biggest names in revolutionary industries. We partner start up clients as they change the way we see the world. And we support you, to be one of tomorrow’s brightest lawyers. We’re Taylor Wessing, and we’re trailblazing. We think it’s time you joined us.

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At Taylor Wessing, we focus on the four core industries changing the face of tomorrow: technology, media and communications, life sciences and healthcare, private wealth, and real estate, infrastructure and energy.

International in our reach, we have over 2,000 employees in 17 jurisdictions across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We work at the edge of tomorrow’s industries, and we do it across the globe, from London to Silicon Valley.

Our innovative, modern approach is what defines us. Our clients range from promising new start ups to multinational leaders of industry, with a client base that includes 60% of the world’s top 50 brands. In every case, we provide specialised legal advice, backed by a finely tuned commercial intelligence.

That’s the spark and commitment we need in our graduates. We look for the kind of intelligence that puts us ahead of the curve, so that we can work with clients at the peak of innovation. You’ll be a ground breaker, a smart thinker and a trailblazer – and we’ll support you to change the future of law.

We are Taylor Wessing… 

Taylor Wessing looks for trailblazing graduates - smart thinkers and ground breakers, who'll become the top legal minds of tomorrow's biggest industries. What we've created isn't just any corporate video – we've crafted something that will tell a story of openness, collaboration and opportunity within our law firm. Welcome to Taylor Wessing.  

graduate brochure Everything you need to know about graduate recruitment at Taylor Wessing.

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What we're looking for

Far reaching

High flying – Academic ability is a must, and we look for a minimum ABB at A Level (or equivalent), and at least a 2:1 in any degree discipline. We appreciate due to personal circumstances you may not meet the ABB requirement, so please reach out to one of the team to discuss your application.

High flying

Academic ability is a must, and we look for a minimum ABB at A Level (or equivalent), and at least a 2:1 in any degree discipline.

Commercial thinking

At Taylor Wessing, we’re defined by the specialist support we offer to tomorrow’s industries. To help us do that, you’ll have to demonstrate an in depth knowledge of how business works, and how to apply it in real life. 

Team working
From working with trainees and associates, to working in partnership with clients, communication and team work will be at the heart of your role at Taylor Wessing. So, you’ll have to have great negotiation skills, and be able to give a clear explanation of complex issues. More than that, we'll expect you to be kind of person who can work collaboratively supporting and advising your colleagues as best you can.
Fast adapting

With our focus on tomorrow’s industries, you’ll be working in sectors where the law is still brand new, and very much in flux. With precedents still being set – not to mention being regularly overturned – you’ll have to be able to adapt quickly to new situations. 

Hard working

You’ll work with exciting clients in incredible industries, but it’s going to be hard work. We’ll support you all the way, but you’ll have to be focused, committed, and ready to stay motivated, even in the face of complex and challenging legal issues. 


We’re a friendly, approachable firm, and we’re looking for graduates with spark and warmth, who’ll contribute to the diverse culture of our staff.

Forward planning

Working with a variety of pressing cases and client demands, you’ll have to have great time management skills, and be able to plan ahead for any contingency. 

Background reading

Whether you’re a Law student or a non-Law student, we want to know that you’ve read as much as you can about law careers and, about our firm specifically. We want to see that you’ve given a lot of thought to why you want to work for us. Do your homework as well as you can, so that you can tell us why we’re the right firm for you.

We are proud to be using Rare Recruitment's Contextual Recruitment System (CRS) which allows us to consider your achievements in the context in which they were gained. We understand that not every candidate’s achievements look the same on paper – and we want to recruit the best people, from every background.

We are also a disability-confident organisation. We want to ensure all candidates are supported and able to perform at their best throughout our assessment process. If you require support for any reason including if this relates to a disability or health condition, please do let us know. All information will be treated as confidential.

Why choose us?

Choose a firm working in trailblazing sectors

We’re the firm for the graduate who chases tomorrow, and the student who’s ahead of the curve. Music streamers. Avid gamers. Green supporters. Taylor Wessing lead the field in areas you already build your life around. So with us, you’ll build a career that combines your passion with your legal intelligence, to support the industries that will change our world.

Choose a firm with a far reaching international presence

We have +1,000 employees, including +300 partners, in 28 offices across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We’re constantly working to make sure we’re well placed for tomorrow’s industries, with offices from London TechCity to Silicon Valley.

Choose a firm with door opening support and benefits:

At Taylor Wessing, we’re renowned for the support we provide to clients, and we’re equally proud of the support we offer to our trainees. With your drive and our phenomenal support package, you’ll open doors to become one of the brightest lawyers in your field. During your training contract, you’ll be legible for our benefits.

We want to support talent from the outset, so we’ll also offer you support as you transition from university

  • We pay for upcoming tuition fees for the PgDip and SQE (to be studied at University of London; our chosen law school provider). During this period, we’ll also supply you with a £7,500 pa maintenance grant.
  • During your years at law school, you’ll be invited to regular Taylor Wessing social events, where you can meet and chat with current trainees.
  • Our graduate recruitment team will maintain regular contact with you from the application stage onwards, so that you’re well supported and connected, from law school right through to the start of your training contract.
  • When you begin your training contract, you’ll be matched with a buddy – a former trainee from your practice area – who’ll introduce you to colleagues and help you settle in.

Social and sporting events also make sure that you’ll be surrounded by new friends at the firm from the outset.


How to apply

Our summer vacation scheme is the only route to be considered for a training contract.

Find out how to apply
Find out how to apply

Hear from our past trainees

Steps and shadows

Are you tomorrow's talent?

Tomorrow’s Talent is a popular two-week work shadowing scheme for students aged 16-19 from less socially mobile backgrounds.

Find out more
Find out more
Inclusion and diversity

Talent knows no distinction

We want to recruit the best people, so we’re working to ensure talented students and graduates from every background can access opportunities with us.

Read more about our initiatives
Read more about our initiatives

Graduate recruitment team

Our graduate recruitment team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process for all our graduates.  If you have any questions about the summer vacation scheme or becoming a graduate at Taylor Wessing, please contact a member of the team or email us.