Munir is a leading lawyer in IP, media, trade marks, copyrights, cyber security and technology related matters in the Middle East market. He has been extensively engaged and heavily involved in works that relate to media and entertainment in all areas. He is a bilingual (Arabic and English) lawyer, ranked in most prestigious references and has been recognised for his practice in IP and media in the Middle East since 2006. 

Munir worked, and continues working, on numerous cases and projects that relate to the media sector, such as content and copyrights claims in relation to media, entertainment, news, production and broadcasting services. This includes digital media, audio-visual contents, streaming via satellite or websites or computer applications, video games and others. 

Munir's experience in the field of Intellectual property and media is extensive and covers trademarks, copyrights, regulatory, cyber and most recently gaming, web3, metaverse, NFTs, AI and others. He handles both advisory and contentious matters locally in UAE, regionally in GCC and Middle East and internationally. He has been engaged and the to-go person since 2012 for the leading Media Group in the Middle East and North Africa, and assisted in all types of IP and media legal works including, but not limited to, advertisements, productions, broadcasting, contents compliance, regulatory and others IP and media works. He also handled many critical contentious works in the entertainment and media production sector, such as copyright cases against media contents and the film making industry. Those claims include cases before regulatory bodies, cases filed before law enforcement agencies and authorities, and disputes before committees and courts. 

Munir also advises the industry on the practical and regulatory issues that relate to their business and impact of legal issues in operation. He helped in launching the leading free Video on Demand streaming platform (AVOD) in the Middle East since 2012 which is available for download on iOS, Android and others, and later supported in introducing the encryption services, subscription-based service rather than free video on demand (VOD) service. He helped in critical sports projects, including exclusive rights, branding, rebranding and other related legal services in the field of Media. Munir regularly advises on contents and script compliance with privacy, defamation, IP, negative checking and other compliance criteria. Munir assists in the field of enforcement (anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy) among other strategic works for brand owners. His write ups and articles are regularly published and available online for review and access. Also, his education background covers both civil and common law systems as he holds LLM specialised in IP and technology from the USA. He is qualified lawyer and legal consultant in the UAE (Dubai) and Jordan. 

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