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The term Metaverse has become one of the hottest buzzwords in tech in recent months. Some of the large tech companies have invested billions in pursuing their vision for the Metaverse, but at this stage it's hard to separate what's hype vs. real.

To help separate fact from fiction and to understand the latest trends in this space, we've teamed up with Remagine Ventures to delve into the Metaverse. Joined by a panel of Metaverse, Web3 and disruptive technology experts, we'll discuss why the Metaverse matters, where we are now and how investors, startups and brands can capitalise on the opportunities it presents.

Hear from industry experts who will focus on the areas of explosive growth in the Metaverse over our three panels:

  • Brands and businesses in the Metaverse
    How and when will consumers interact with the Metaverse for their diverse digital needs, ranging from ecommerce, entertainment, job hunting and more?
  • Money in the Metaverse
    How can the Metaverse create, store, transact, protect and manage digital currency and offer ownership of digital goods.
  • Gaming, the first frontier of the Metaverse
    How immersive, interactive real-time connections will create new consumer experiences.

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5 New Street Square
EC4A 3TW London

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Guest speakers

Alex Batlin
Bitpanda Custody - Managing Director

Eze Vidra
Remagine Ventures - Managing Partner

Josh Bell
Dawn Capital - General Partner

Leanne Elliot-Young
Institute of Digital Fashion - Co-founder & CEO

Kevin Baxpehler
Remagine Ventures - Managing Partner

Sam Mathews
Fnatic - CEO & Founder

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