International expansion guide

Our international expansion guide is designed to steer and support companies looking to expand internationally in multiple jurisdictions. The aim of the guide is to provide high level information on some frequently asked questions across the range of legal topics companies typically ask us when looking to launch in a new market.

The information in this guide was correct as of its most recent update in 2021, but laws change frequently and it should not be relied upon as legal advice. For more detailed advice please contact us.

Guide de développement à l'international

Notre guide de développement à l'international est conçu pour guider et soutenir les entreprises qui cherchent à se développer dans plusieurs juridictions.

En savoir plus

We would like to thank Matheson and Portolano Cavallo for drafting the Ireland and Italy chapters respectively.

Key contacts

For more information, please contact any of the individuals listed below, or speak to your usual contact.