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Listen as our disputes duos discuss the latest legal updates and trending litigation topics.

Litigation can be complex. Our Quick Listens capture informal conversations between experts in our Disputes & Investigations team as they share opinions and experiences, key case summaries, legal updates, and hot topics. Leave the complicated research to us, grab your headphones, and listen in as we take a deeper dive into the world of litigation.

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Episode 7: ClientEarth v Shell

Lucy Waddicor and Jess Thomas discuss ClientEarth's recent claim against the directors of Shell, for failing to manage climate change risks. Does it signal a new era of corporate responsibility in a climate context?


Episode 6: A brush with the law – remedies for victims of art fraud

Hot art, cold lies, big money and an escape to a tropical island. Join Laurence Lieberman, Natalia Faekova and Michelle George as they discuss the 'Mini-Madoff of the art world', Inigo Philbrick, and the remedies available to the victims of his multi-million pound fraud. If this episode piques your interest, read our article, The fine art of fraud, for a deeper dive into fraudulent misrepresentation in the lucrative art world.


Episode 5: Sequana - a big deal?

Join associates Emilie Kennedy and Luke Viner as they discuss the recent Sequana judgment decision and how it will impact directors and others in the insolvency space.


Episode 4: International spotlight – reflections on the German disputes market

Supply chain disputes, class action proceedings and EU regulations around artificial intelligence. Join our UK head of disputes, Andrew Howell, and head of disputes in Germany, Philipp Behrendt, as they discuss what's new in the German litigation market.


Episode 3: Solicitors behaving badly – the dos and don'ts of litigation conduct

In this episode Andrew Howell and Stephanie High discuss their thoughts on appropriate litigation conduct, share some past experiences and ask whether Friday 5pm letters should be a thing of the past.


Episode 2: Once upon a time - trial timelines and recent changes

In this episode, Helen Robinson is joined by Outdoor Clerk, John Robinson, who shares his experience of changes and trends in relation to timelines and fixing of trials in court. Looking specifically at recent changes to the Chancery Guide, our duo consider the impact on litigants ahead of going to trial.


Episode 1: Vardy v Rooney case review - a legal own goal?

In light of the recent high profile Vardy v Rooney decision (aka the 'Wagatha Christie' case) that has garnered significant media and legal attention, Elizabeth Montpetit and Nick Maday take a step back to review the destruction of evidence issues. The scheme which governs the disclosure process in civil litigation has now passed its pilot stage and will become permanent. In this episode, our experts highlight some important lessons on the risks to litigants of getting disclosure wrong.