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Data protection & cyber

EDPB guidance on Schrems II and new draft SCCs – what do they mean for data transfers?

26 November 2020
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by Christopher Jeffery and Dr. Paul Voigt, Lic. en Derecho, CIPP/E

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Global Data Hub - Processing personal data associated with the COVID-19 pandemic

Staying (cyber) safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

We give top tips for ensuring cybersecurity is maintained while people work from home.

1 April 2020

by Christopher Jeffery

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Technology, media & communications

EU digital package

16 March 2020

by Debbie Heywood

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Data centre server room
Technology, media & communications

License to hack – Companies in the crosshairs of hackers and supervisory authorities

27 January 2020

by Thomas Kahl

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Life sciences & healthcare

Managing cybersecurity risk: a life sciences perspective

1 July 2019

by Jessie Prynne

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Data protection & cyber

Global Data Hub - cybersecurity and data breaches

12 June 2018

by Debbie Heywood and Michael Yates

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Technology, media & communications

Download - cybersecurity & data breaches

5 March 2018

by multiple authors

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Interface - Intellectual Property Rights and emerging technologies

Big Data and intangible property rights - can IPRs and rights in personal data exist in harmony?

Data can be many things to many people. The versatility of data is why it is so valuable, particularly in the age of 'big data' where enormous datasets are revolutionising the development of technology in virtually every field. However, the versatility of data also explains why protecting property rights subsisting in it presents a serious challenge.

1 March 2017

by Jo Joyce

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