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Handling subject access requests

October 2013

In November the Global Data Hub will be looking at the topic of data subject access requests. Subject access is a core right at the heart of many data protection laws. Often it is only when a person gains access to their data that they can begin to fully understand how the processing of that data affects them.

By learning what data is processed by organisations, people are better able to challenge the processing of that data, and get any inaccurate, irrelevant or excessive personal data corrected or erased.

However, for organisations on the receiving end of data subject access requests, dealing with applications from people to be provided a copy of their personal data can give rise to significant operational and compliance challenges. These can range from problems with recognising and validating requests to finding and retrieving the relevant information, in addition to supplying the response to the requestor on time and within available resource and budgets.

As well as providing an overview of the basic considerations when handling data subject access requests, we will be considering  the approach to subject access rights across  different jurisdictions, the use of subject access requests in disputes, and how the draft data protection Regulation may introduce changes to data subject access rights and to the obligations these rights impose on data controllers.

Share your experiences with us ahead of this issue by participating in our short 2 minute survey on your experience with handling data subject access requests. 

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We will share analysis of the anonymous responses we receive to the survey here next month and in our webinar on 12 November 2013.

Handling subject access requests