Calum specialises in commercial technology transactions, representing large multinational organisations, as well as innovative start-ups and disruptors. Calum advises on distribution and agency arrangements, digital advertising, e-commerce, data protection and licensing of intellectual property.  

Calum provides specialist support to the mergers & acquisitions team, representing investors, sponsors, and other venture capital providers to de-risk transactions.

Calum is part of the firm's gaming team, which helps clients navigate risks and challenges, from regulatory scrutiny and protection issues to monetization strategies, to game development and launch.

Calum also has experience advising clients in the fast-evolving landscape of digital assets and cryptocurrency. Clients value his understanding of the legal framework in which blockchain, distributed ledger technology and NFTs operate.  

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Actualités et publications récentes

Interface - Predictions 2023

Web 2023.0 - a sleeping giant?

Calum Parfitt looks at the future of Web3 in the context of a difficult 2022.

5 décembre 2022

par Calum Parfitt

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Protection des données et cybersécurité

Into the breach – managing employees during a data incident

Jo Joyce and Calum Parfitt look at data breach preparedness and responses from an HR perspective.

11 juillet 2022

par Jo Joyce et Calum Parfitt

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Technologie, Médias et Communications (TMC)

Play to earn: NFTs, IP and the future of gaming

Calum Parfitt looks at the disruptive growth of P2E gaming.

28 mars 2022

par Calum Parfitt

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Close-Up Of Wooden Hammer And Gavel
Criminalité d’entreprise et conformité

Le dispositif « anti-cadeaux » français ne fait pas de cadeau !

7 février 2023

par Evelyne Friedel et Marine Boullenger

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