Abdalla Eisa

Taylor Wessing

Collaborateur senior

Abdalla Eisa

Abdalla has litigation experience across a number of specialised areas including civil, commercial and criminal law, maritime and shipping, corporate, real estate, construction, and employment disputes.

He focuses on dispute resolution primarily on general corporate and international business transactions, as well as on international and local arbitration. Prior to joining Dubai office, Abdalla worked at local and international law firms in the UAE and handled high-profile, complex and cross-border litigation before all local courts in the UAE.

Abdalla is admitted to the Egyptian Bar Association.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Résolution des litiges

Latest update: Recognition and enforcement

10 mars 2022

par Nick Carnell et Abdalla Eisa

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Emirats Arabes Unis

Recognition and enforcement

21 décembre 2021

par Nick Carnell et Abdalla Eisa

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Protection des données et cybersécurité

The UAE's new cyber crime law (all you need to know)

20 mai 2022

par Hesham ElSamra

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Sciences de la vie et Santé

Telehealth advertising admissible if accepted professional standards are observed

18 mai 2022

par Dr. Daniel Tietjen

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