Charlotte is an experienced litigator with a strong focus on patents and industrial design. She specialises in both transboundary jurisdiction matters and compensation of damages in IP cases.

Charlotte represents and advises both national and international companies in IP matters in areas including mechanical engineering, pharma, and retail. She is recognised for her ability to think analytically when setting out litigation strategies.
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Actualités et publications récentes

Sciences de la vie et Santé

Pfizer v Roche: jurisdiction for Arrow-declarations in the Netherlands

6 juin 2019

par plusieurs auteurs

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Brevets et innovation

Taylor Wessing client Rotork-Schischek wins patent infringement suits at Munich District Court I

22 janvier 2021

par Dr. Gisbert Hohagen, Lic. en droit (Paris II/ Assas) et Sebastian Kratzer

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Brevets et innovation

Do preliminary injunctions in patent law, as a general rule, require that the patent in suit has survived adversarial revocation proceedings?

21 janvier 2021
In-depth analysis

par Dr. Michael Schächinger

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Contrats commerciaux et Consommation

China’s new National Security Review System: What does it mean for Foreign Investments into China?

China In and Out

20 janvier 2021

par Kai Schlender, M.A.

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