Dr. Anja Lunze, LL.M.


Dr. Anja Lunze, LL.M.

Anja is a specialist lawyer for intellectual property law and has been working in the area of patent law for over 15 years. She manages and coordinates complex, multinational patent infringement proceedings and drafts infringement and nullity opinions.


She advises on parallel opposition and nullity proceedings before the European Patent Office, the Federal Patent Court and the Federal Supreme Court. In particular, Anja represents clients from the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotech, personalised medicine and precision medicine as well as from the chemical and medical device industries and advises on related issues of digitisation. Having spent time in Geneva, Strasbourg, Tokyo and London, Anja has intercultural competence and language skills (including English, French and Japanese).

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Actualités et publications récentes

Brevets et innovation

Pharmaceutical patent law in times of crisis: A comparative study – Part 1

9 novembre 2020
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COVID-19 and Patent Law

Q&A regarding compulsory licenses and governmental use

10 juillet 2020

par Dr. Anja Lunze, LL.M. et Dr. Jan Phillip Rektorschek

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SPC manufacturing waiver (Part 3): Notification obligations – Information is power

24 juin 2020

par Verena Bertram et Dr. Anja Lunze, LL.M.

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A missed chance

14 juin 2020

par Dr. Anja Lunze, LL.M. et Verena Bertram

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