André Guskow, LL.M. (London)

Salary partner

André provides support to and advises clients on the planning and the implementation of projects in the areas of industrial plant construction and the development of infrastructure, which are typically of a highly complex nature. In the area of renewable energies, this includes, in particular, offshore wind farms, but also production and recycling plants, specialised shipbuilding, as well as projects in the area of aeronautics/satellites.

André has gained his many years of experience by supporting clients at all stages of their diverse, mainly international large-scale projects in Germany and abroad - some over the course of many years - including successful project implementation during operational phases, as well as project and claims management. His practice focuses on the drafting and negotiation of project contracts, in particular, with respect to construction, supply, and service provision, including on the basis of international contract forms such as those provided by FIDIC and IChemE. In addition, he represents clients in out-of-court dispute resolutions, in proceedings before state courts and in arbitration proceedings.


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Actualités et publications récentes

Résolution des litiges

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Projets Internationaux, Énergie & Infrastructure

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15 octobre 2020

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Projets Internationaux, Énergie & Infrastructure

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