Dr. Fabian Ibel


Dr. Fabian Ibel

Fabian Ibel is a member of the Technology, Media & Telecoms Practice Area. He advises national and international companies on all legal issues relating to information technologies.

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Back to the future (and into the metaverse): the video games industry in 2022 and beyond

29 novembre 2021

par Richard Faichney

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Droit de la consommation

Consumer and retail in the news

Issue 440

26 novembre 2021
Quick read

par plusieurs auteurs

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Fusions et acquisitions d’entreprises et marchés financiers internationaux

Advising Current Health on $400 million acquisition by Best Buy

25 novembre 2021

par Howard Palmer

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Digitisation in hospitals: Data protection as an obstacle or opportunity in Germany?

24 novembre 2021

par Mareike Christine Gehrmann et Dr. Carolin Monsees

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