Rebekka Ackermann


Rebekka Ackermann

Rebekka specialices in energy law. She advises on energy and regulatory issues and supports companies in decarbonization.

In addition to in-court and out-of-court advice in the field of energy supply with gas, electricity, local and district heating and renewable energies, she accompanies national and international companies in M&A transactions and investments in the energy sector.

Rebekka is a member of the Environmental, Planning & Regulatory practice group and the Industry Group Energy.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Énergie et infrastructure

The Energy Charter Treaty in the Light of the Electricity Price Brake: An opportunity for investors to litigate?

27 janvier 2023
In-depth analysis

par Rebekka Ackermann et Dr. Markus Böhme, LL.M (Nottingham)

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Aérospatial et défense

Urgently needed: Waiting for Germany’s (new) Space Strategy and a Space Act

20 mars 2023

par Timo Stellpflug

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Concurrence, UE & commerce

EU authorized new sanctions against Russia

General overview of the sanctions regime and explaination what companies need to do now

7 mars 2023

par plusieurs auteurs

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Résolution des litiges

ESG and directors' liability

6 mars 2023

par Karlijn van Laar

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