Constanze is a member of the Planning and Environmental Law Practice Area. She advises and represents clients in the field of public law in the development of real estate projects. The focus of her work is on advising retail companies on planning law.

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Actualités et publications récentes


The Building Safety Act 2022

Higher-risk buildings (HRBs)

1 décembre 2023

par plusieurs auteurs

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Environmental, social & governance (ESG)

Corporate social responsibility ESG: equal pay for men and women

24 novembre 2023

par Maxime van Dort

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Environnement, Urbanisme et Réglementation

Spotlight on sustainability: the European directive for consumer empowerment in the green transition

10 novembre 2023

par Nick Strous et Emma Kranendonk

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Énergie et infrastructure

The new CO2 border adjustment mechanism (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism - “CBAM”) - first statutory reporting obligations set for January 2024

3 novembre 2023
In-depth analysis

par Rebekka Ackermann et Dr. Markus Böhme, LL.M. (Nottingham)

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