Reporting channels and whistleblower protection through the Belgian law of 15 December 2022

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On 15 February 2023, the new whistleblower law came into force. The aim? To provide reporting channels and protection for whistleblowers in private companies, including against retaliation.

Whistleblowers are those individuals who reveal violations of EU law that would otherwise never have been discovered. But where is the limit? What can be disclosed? What about professional secrecy? What about loyalty to one's employer? And where does this leave the employer? What are the new rules to be applied? What needs to be done to enable these reports to take place?

Obviously, this regulatory change will have a major impact on all companies operating in Belgium. Between the duty to inform and the creation of an internal reporting channel, through this webinar hosted in English, employment law experts Marie Michaud-Nérard and Lydia Stanczak from Taylor Wessing will enlighten you on your new obligations as an employer. We will also be joined by Gaultier Francq from EQS Group, our partner for this webinar, who will enlighten us on best practices and his valuable experience in this field.

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Gaultier Francq

Partner, EQS Group

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