How copyright works in 2023

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With the recent focus on risks and opportunities posed by generative AI for creative industries, we'll look at the copyright ownership and infringement issues associated with training and using AI tools in the UK, EU and US and the mitigations organisations should implement now. 

We'll then look into the future at how these different jurisdictions propose to regulate generative AI (or not) and the possibility of industry-led solutions to take organisations beyond compliance.  We'll also take you through the major new copyright cases from the past year, and their implications for copyright subsistence and infringement. 

Finally, amidst a rising tide of new content and media regulation, and challenges to the copyright system, we'll be joined by a panel of public policy experts representing a range of stakeholders to discuss their public policy priorities. You'll find a detailed agenda below.

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Welcome and case law update A new look at copyright subsistence, infringement, and defences through the lens of recent cases including Shazam v Only Fools the Dining Experience, WaterRower v Liking, Pasternak v Prescott, and Fay Evans v John Lewis.
Generative AI Our legal panellists, including Dan Schnapp, Partner at Sheppard Mullin, will discuss the copyright implications of training and using generative AI tools in the UK, EU and US, including infringement risks, exceptions, and recent litigation. They will be joined by guest speaker, Tessa Darbyshire Data & AI Value Strategy Manager at Accenture, to discuss mitigations organisations should implement now, upcoming regulation and its shortcomings, and solutions that industry players can adopt to address generative AI challenges.
Public policy priorities Our panel will include public policy experts representing stakeholders in the visual arts, publishing, music, broadcast, and tech industries. They'll discuss their key public policy concerns and priorities in the copyright industries.
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Daniel E. Schnapp
Sheppard Mullin - Partner

Daniel E. Schnapp is a partner in the Entertainment, Technology and Advertising Practice Group in Sheppard Mullin's New York office and Team Leader of the firm's Technology Transactions Team and Esports & Games Industry Team.


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