Cultural diversity in the UK

Celebrating differences, together

As a global firm, we know how important it is to understand and respect each other's cultures. Within our UK offices, we have people from over 20 different nationalities, speaking at least 16 different languages.

Meet our cultural diversity network

Our cultural diversity network was set up so that we can learn from each other and celebrate our cultures. It works to encourage more individuals from diverse backgrounds to enter the legal sector and achieve their full potential.

The network is chaired by partners Tandeep Minhas and Vinod Bange.

Our race and ethnicity strategy

Our firm will stand up to racism and racial inequality.

We must ensure concrete actions and progress follow, against which we can measure ourselves and in turn will be measure. That's why we've developed a dedicated race and ethnicity strategy.

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Cultural diversity initiatives

Race Fairness Commitment

It's our wish to support our Black and minority group colleagues and friends who are confronting racism and racial injustice. We all must do more to make progress and we continue to come together internally, and with our clients and peers, to drive positive steps in the legal profession and the wider community to defeat racism.

To underline this commitment, we are now signatories to the Race Fairness Commitment.

Our multi-faith room

We provide a multi-faith room for prayer or quiet contemplation, which is used by colleagues from over six different religious groups.


Our planet's resources are limited, so we're working hard to make our business more sustainable.

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