Vin's clients say he gives data protection advice which is insightful, commercial and explained without unnecessary legal jargon. He's the Head of our UK Data Protection / Privacy team. He has specialised in data protection and information law for over 15 years, and works with clients from various data-rich sectors including retail, financial services, life sciences, healthcare and technology.

Vin works with clients on all aspects of data protection compliance and risk management. He will guide you from a strategic and governance perspective, as well as provide specialist advice on audit/assessment and implementation projects, crossborder data flows, EU-US Privacy Shield issues, outsourcing, IT security and data breach response. Vin is a highly technical advisor who can guide you through the compliant implementation of cutting-edge technologies, SaaS, hybrid storage and data transactional processing models. He also works with clients to develop data protection solutions for third-party collaborations, and very frequently acts as regulatory liaison for UK, EU and global projects.

Vin is regularly called on by journalists (BBC, Sky, Financial Times, Telegraph, Wall Street Journal and others) to comment on the latest developments in data protection. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board at Bloomberg BNA's World Data Protection Report.

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