TW:Cyber Response

Cyber-attacks are on the increase. It is estimated that 68% of all large businesses, and 52% of small businesses, have fallen victim to a security attack in the last year. Yet only 29% of companies have a formal cybersecurity policy in place and just 13% of businesses set security standards for suppliers or contractors to adhere to. When the GDPR comes into effect in May 2018, companies face potential multi-million pound fines for data breaches.

We are delighted to launch TW:Cyber Response to help companies effectively prepare for and respond to data breaches.  It has been developed and designed to help companies respond quickly and effectively should a breach occur. In essence, it provides companies with practical assistance to help them minimise their exposure to regulatory action, litigation risk and reputational damage should a breach occur.

Key features

  • Breach preparation: the app provides instant access to information to help businesses to identify the issues they should be considering when preparing for data breaches.
  • Post-breach crisis management: action checklists provide a guide on what the Breach Response Team should be looking to do to manage a significant breach in the first 0-4, 5-24 and 25-48 hours after discovery. The checklist includes a number of points to consider in relation to dealing with the issue.
  • Internal breach management contact directories: this is pre-populated with the roles we think clients should consider having on their Breach Response Team and is fully customisable by the client. It is encrypted, stored locally within the app and updates automatically across the team.
  • External contact directories: the app also includes contact lists for the external assistance that clients may need in the event of a breach, including legal advisers, forensic IT, cybersecurity consultants, call centre capacity, PR specialists, brokers and the client’s cyberliability insurers. These are also fully customisable by the client.

You can download our cyber response app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Key contacts

For more information about TW:Cyber Response, please speak to any of the contacts listed here.

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