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Disputes & investigations

Digitising Disputes: are digital bundles the future?

17 February 2020

by Edward Spencer and Andrew Howell

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Technology, media & communications

Electronic signatures: an attempt to renege on a contract using formalities

Neocleous and another v Rees [2019] EWHC 2462 (Ch)

21 October 2019

by Edward Cooper

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Technology, media & communications

Law Commission report on electronic execution of documents

18 September 2019

by Debbie Heywood

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Woman using transparent computer screen
Disputes & investigations

Are you being served? Service by email

28 August 2019
Short Read

by Gemma Broughall

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Disputes & investigations

Rethinking witness evidence in commercial trials

3 May 2018

by Andrew Howell and James Bryden

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Disputes & investigations

Blockchain arbitration opportunities


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