Are you prepared for Pay Transparency in the EU (and beyond)?

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Join our webinar to learn about how new EU regulations will impact your busines

New regulations on Pay Transparency are requiring Employers to adopt new people practices and processes around the world but the incoming EU regulations take this to a new level.

Whilst country specific applications of the central EU Directive have not been published just yet, the headline requirements are clear and they are already leading employers to take some significant actions as they plan their journey to compliance. 

Are you aware of how the new regulations will impact your business and are you prepared? The clock is ticking and if you are an employer with people in the EU, you need to be ready!

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External speaker

Stuart Hyland
Blick Rothenberg - Partner

Stuart is an highly experienced reward consultant and advisory business leader with over 25 years experience working with clients of all sizes and across all sectors in the UK and beyond including some of the highest profile global brands and household names as well as small, growth focussed start-ups and just about everything in between. 
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