Crypto-regulatory developments in the EU and the UK

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In recent years, crypto-assets have gained in popularity among both private and institutional investors, attracting the interest of regulators around the world. While in the EU, a harmonized regulatory framework for crypto-assets is still in the making, and national frameworks in different Member States are still quite fragmented, the UK government is working on its own regulatory regime for crypto-assets with the aim of becoming a global crypto-hub. In this live webinar, Dr. Verena Ritter-Döring and Miroslav Đurić from our Frankfurt office and Charlotte Hill and Katie Fry-Paul from our London office will provide an overview of the latest developments in crypto-regulation in the EU and the UK by analyzing the practical implications that these will have on crypto-businesses operating in both markets in the post-Brexit environment.


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30 May

10:00 - 10:45


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Cryptoassets, blockchain and distributed ledger technology

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Visit our main page: Crypto and blockchain