The quality of arbitration hearings in a virtual world

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Arbitration is known and valued for its flexibility. This was demonstrated once again during the COVID-19-pandemic. Arbitral tribunals responded quickly, adapting to the new normal by embracing virtual hearings.

Greater use of remote working was already something under close consideration. It is recognized that efficient use of technology can save travel time and cost for the users often based in different global locations. But what impact does the virtual hearing have on the quality of arbitration proceedings? Does personal perception of witnesses and their testimony differ depending on whether a witness is physically present or connected via video? How does the physical absence of the participants affect settlement efforts? In a virtual hearing, is the arbitral tribunal equally capable of coordinating with each other or reacting spontaneously to unforeseen events? Does a “hearing at the desk” affect the parties’ trust in the quality of the arbitration process?

We want to discuss all this with an international panel of esteemed arbitration practitioners who will share their experiences and views on this topic.

External speaker

Lars Markert
Nishimura & Asahi, Tokyo - Partner

Eva Kalnina
Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler, Geneva - Partner

Adam Baradon
Blackstone Chambers - Barrister

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