Legal Framework for Digitalization of Distribution in Germany and EU

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Legal Framework for Digitalization of Distribution in Germany and EU
With the rapid development of globalization and e-commerce, especially being severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the verticalization and digitalization of distribution has been greatly accelerated. On the one hand, manufacturers sell their own products directly to customers on their web pages; on the other hand, dealers set up their own online stores to sell goods or even their own brand products. In the process of distribution digitalization, the traditional allocation of roles between manufacturers and dealers has become increasingly blurred. While each pursues the maximization of interests and profits, the contradiction between both sides has also deepened.
In order to help more Chinese companies understand the legal framework and practice of distribution digitalization in Germany and the EU, the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Consulate-General in Munich and the Munich branch of the German Chinese Chamber of Commerce invited experts of TaylorWessing Dr. Benedikt Rohrssen and Dr. Guang Li to introduce distribution digitalization from the legal perspective (in both German and Chinese).
Lecture’s focus:

  • Existing legal framework for distribution digitization in Germany and the EU
  • Measures that manufacturers are allowed and prohibited vis-à-vis dealers regarding digital distribution
  • Options for reorganizing marketing model
  • Outlook on the new regulations of Germany and the EU regarding digitalization of distribution

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