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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Our international team delivers cohesive ESG programs analysis and practical advice for clients across multiple sectors adding significant global value, sustainable growth, and regulatory safety to their businesses. In an increasingly globalised, interconnected, and competitive world, our approach to ESG also contributes to the ethical development of the communities in which they operate.

How can we help

With increased societal change, the need to embed robust ESG measures has never been greater. Using specialisms across multiple global sectors, we combine commercial and technical acumen with industry expertise and insights, helping businesses establish and measure their overall ESG compliance and risk level benchmarks.

Our teams provide detailed advice across the core areas required by businesses focused on ESG, including corporate governance, product liability, advertising and marketing, health and safety, regulatory and disclosure obligations, brand management, and real estate and planning, and produce tailored ESG advice that is applicable across our clients’ global operations.

We provide clarity for clients across all business functions, securing future growth by mitigating risk, anticipating regulatory challenges, and compliance. Our expertise and approach to sustainable ESG integration lead to enhanced employee engagement and increased impact around brand management, providing both an internal and external company value based on transparency and trust.

Our approach moves beyond program development to bespoke training delivery, allowing full global operational integration, translating into ESG programs created on sustainable foundations from which both our clients’ purpose and profitability thrive.

Blood samples
Life sciences & healthcare

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18 December 2020

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10 December 2020

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4 December 2020

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26 October 2020

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Our team

Please feel free to contact any of the people listed here for more information about our capabilities and their expertise in ESG in your jurisdiction. You can also search for a particular individual or see the whole team by using our people finder.

Online tools and services

global data protection map

Global data protection guide

The Guide spans more than 60 countries and takes the form of an interactive online map, which clients can use to compare national data protection laws in multiple jurisdictions. 

Visit our global data protection guide


TW: Cyber Response

Our data breach mobile app helps organisations prepare for and respond to data breaches. Organisations will face potential multi-million pound fines for data breaches after 25 May 2018.  TW:Cyber Response provides practical assistance to help clients prepare for and manage breaches as effectively as possible, to minimise their exposure to regulatory action, litigation risk, and reputational damage. The app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Find out more about TW:Cyber Response


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