Paul is Head of our Cybersecurity group in the UK and a key member of our wider data protection team. For over 15 years, Paul has guided clients through all types of major data security incidents as well as complex technology and data disputes. Paul pioneered our award-winning data breach and dark web scanning tool TW:detect, the first product of its kind in the legal market.

Paul specialises in data breaches and cybersecurity and technology and data disputes. His technology disputes practice focuses on new and emerging technologies such as cryptoassets, AI and blockchain.

If you suffer a data breach, Paul is the experienced and knowledgeable advisor you need to minimise the damage. He has advised on data security incidents ranging from hacking and unlawful acquisition of data through to accidental data loss, data mismanagement and employee data theft. If you are affected, Paul will advise you on investigations in the immediate aftermath of a breach, managing the breach in conjunction with forensic IT consultants, PR advisors and insurers, and advising on potential regulatory action and litigation.

Prevention is preferable to cure with cybersecurity. Paul will also work with your organisation proactively on breach preparation, data legal risk management, the security aspects of GDPR projects and other non-contentious issues.

As part of his technology disputes practice, Paul advises on contentious matters around large IT projects, data centres, hardware and chipsets, technology product development and licensing. Paul has also advised on a significant number of contractual disputes in the life sciences sector.

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