Chloé Martin dit Neuville


Chloé Martin Dit Neuville is a member of the IT department.

She assists national and international clients on Information Technology and intellectual property with a focus on e-commerce, data protection and IT contracts.

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Aktuelle News & Insights

Datenschutz & Cyber-Sicherheit

Member State implementation of GDPR and NISD

16. April 2018

von mehreren Autoren

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Silicon Valley

David Bates joins the Silicon Valley Podcast

21. Oktober 2020

von David Bates

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Employment, Pensions & Mobility

Joe Aiston and Alexander Barnett discuss employee surveillance risks with Workplace Insight

20. Oktober 2020

von Joe Aiston

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Datenschutz & Cyber-Sicherheit

French data protection authority publishes new guidelines for using cookies and other trackers

16. Oktober 2020

von Marc Schuler und Julie Dumontet

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