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Patent Transactions in the Life Sciences
Entering into commercial agreements
Unitary Patent Court
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This month on Synapse: Patent transactions in the life sciences


Paul England looks at how much of the success of the life sciences sector in surviving recent economic turmoil is owed to diversification, patenting and collaboration.



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Topical Issues


Not all Bolar exemptions are the same
Christoph de Coster, Julia Bödeker and Paul England provide an important update explaining the varying scope of the Bolar exemptions... read more


Patentability of parthenogenic stem cells
Matthew Royle and Paul England provide an update regarding the patentability of parthenogenetically-activated ova and the most recent Advocate General's Opinion as to which cells should be considered "human embryos" under the Biotechnology Directive... read more


Pharmaceutical trade mark confusion
Christopher Benson provides an overview of a recent community trade mark case which demonstrates the importance of assessing the likelihood of confusion between signs for life sciences products from the point of view of consumers from all EU Member States... read more

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