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Infringement of second medical use claims
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Patent Transactions in the Life Sciences

Hearing, seeing, moving - the miracle of neural prosthetics


Paul England talks about the extraordinary medical advances in the realm of neural prosthetics, in particular the ability to enable hearing, seeing and moving.



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The UK Diverted Profits Tax
Nikol Davies gives an overview of the new Diverted Profits Tax and its application to large enterprises as well as highlighting the significance of the timing of its introduction... read more


Health and fitness, data and patents
Kathleen Fox Murphy discusses how the increased popularity in analysing data and creating value out of that data has led to an upsurge in patent applications... read more


Looking back, looking forward - life sciences 2014 / 2015
Tim Worden and Adrian Rainey review the past year's activity in the life sciences sector and set out things to expect in 2015, looking at alternative approaches to funding, biotech IPOs and the evolving regulatory environment... read more

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