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Technological developments, and convergence of technology and media platforms, are driving fundamental changes in customer behaviour and expectations. This creates exciting opportunities for businesses that use or supply technology and communications. It also throws up the challenge of finding better ways of engaging with customers. Businesses need to find new means to finance the development of new products and services, whilst protecting their return on investment in this rapidly changing environment.

Developments such as cloud computing, internet enabled mobile devices and the widespread use of social networking present massive opportunities, but also carry significant legal risks for businesses. Data security, privacy, terms of employment, access to capital, IP protection and availability of third party computing platforms for core applications are just some of the issues facing technology and telecoms companies today. Our industry specialists will help you make the most of, and minimise the risk arising from, these developments, whether you are a start-up or an international business, a company or individual investor in technology businesses, or a company using technology.

Our specialist experience enables us to give advice that best supports your business model, whether relating to technology procurement, financing, mergers and acquisitions, product development and exploitation risks, customer acquisition methods, IP protection, brand management, secrecy, data protection, telecoms, competition or other regulatory risks, or getting the right commercial agreements in place. We also advise extensively on IT outsourcing projects, both for key suppliers and customers.

Whilst these trends create new platforms for distributing content, the burning issue for media and entertainment businesses is how to monetise and protect that content successfully. Key issues which have significant legal implications for owners and distributors of content include effective digital rights management, implementing systems for micropayments and pay walls, ensuring content can be viewed on a variety of devices, enabling new advertising models and tackling the implications of technology, and media convergence. As the media and entertainment industry continues to develop with the advance of digital, mobile and internet platforms, clients across the entire spectrum of the industry are supported by our media and entertainment team and specialist intellectual property, IT, commercial and data protection advisers.

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