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The real estate sector is polarised. Half looks back at assets owned pre-recession that have either been lost through loan default or are held in limbo, ring-fenced by the skill and commitment of the hard-pressed investor or developer while waiting for a market revival. The other half looks forward to a post recession market overshadowed by a swathe of distressed assets and threatened by such economic forces as massive debt overhang, a limited supply of new debt and uncertainty over economic growth and interest rates. Grappling with the effects of recession, whilst focusing on a new future, is a challenge to the resource of all our clients.

Our Europe-wide Real Estate Funds and Investment group has extensive market contacts and in-depth expertise that both add value and ensure consistent and efficient product delivery. Our service teams have the know-how needed to respond effectively to the challenges of this divided market, whether through innovative structuring or tax-saving solutions; advice on asset restructuring; partnering clients with suitable debt providers; or simply advising investors about current lending trends.

Similarly, our Development and Infrastructure group supports client operations in the United Kingdom, across Western Europe, Eastern Europe and in the emerging markets of China, India and the Middle East. Whether it is a high spec residential and hotel tower development in London, a real estate restructuring in the Middle East, a dispute over a gas pipeline between Spain and Algeria or a wind energy plant in East Germany, we are providing private and public sector clients with innovative legal and business solutions at the forefront of the built environment.

Our specialist Hotels group advises extensively on hotel projects and transactions worldwide for developers, owners, operators, funders, investors, franchisees, brand owners and asset managers. With our extensive experience, global connections and genuine understanding of the hotel industry, our clients rely on us to provide sensible, practical and commerciallyminded advice.

As market leaders in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency, we have helped to identify the challenges and promote the investment needed for the ‘greening’ of commercial property in order to meet sustainability goals. We practice what we preach. We have successfully implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001 and our City of London office is one of the first major developments in London to have a green memorandum of understanding between the landlord and all principal tenants.

The expansion of the pan-European market as the EU grows and integrates presents many new opportunities. It also requires an understanding of each new market. We have that understanding and can help you achieve your expansion in each jurisdiction and work with you to unlock market potential.

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