Energy & Environment

We have a strong track record in advising companies, investors and developers in both the traditional and renewable energy sectors.

The depletion of fossil fuels and the need to reduce carbon emissions in order to mitigate climate change has stimulated significant investment into, and development of, renewable energy and alternative sources such as wind, solar, hydro, marine, biofuels, biomass, geothermal and waste-to-energy. It has also encouraged the development of other means for the reduction of energy consumption and C02 emissions and issues of sustainability in general.

We are very clear on the issues and opportunities throughout the value chain and advise the full range of industry participants, from the early-stage cleantech investor to full commercialisation of technologies, to the development and financing of renewable energy projects.

In cleantech, our internationally-recognised capability in venture capital and intellectual property gives us unrivalled experience. We understand the funding structures and how to give advice to early-stage investors, as well as companies developing the technologies. This is complemented by a deep knowledge of Europe’s major cleantech funds. Our experience, understanding and contacts in cleantech put us in a unique position to advise.

Our renewable energy practice advised on some of Europe’s earliest wind-farms and continues to be an active player in the renewables field. We advise on investment in, and the development and financing of, renewable and alternative projects from many different renewable energy and alternative fuel sources. We advise on large-scale projects and transactions involving smaller scale embedded generation. As the effects of regulation, financial stimulus and environmental impact become more widespread, the industry participants and sources of finance are changing. Our long-standing involvement and the breadth of our practice in the sector means that we are well placed to advise not only developers, but investors and corporates who are increasingly becoming involved in the sector. It is this end-to-end capability that sets us apart from other firms in the field.

We have substantial experience in advising in the water sector, particularly in water privatisation.

We also have a strong background in the Waste sector, acting on behalf of clients directly involved with waste management, disposal and treatment activities and waste-to-energy. Our expertise extends into such diverse issues as the interpretation and definition of waste, environmental appeals and litigation, the duty of care, transport regulation and logistics, and general compliance with wider environmental objectives. As waste-to-energy technologies develop and waste becomes more of a commodity, our thorough knowledge of technology and project development comes into play on waste-to-energy projects, particularly the challenge to upscale and commercialise some of these technologies.

We continue to advise utilities, developers and investors in the traditional energy sector and appreciate the issues these companies face as energy demand continues to rise and environmental issues increasingly come to the fore.

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