Consumer Brands

Brands are often the most valuable assets of a business. They can lose their value overnight if not managed carefully. Fundamental changes in technology and media are driving consumer brands to find new ways of engaging with consumers.  A strong and unified brand message delivered through a variety of sales channels is becoming the only way to break through as companies try to find new ways of captivating and intriguing their customers.  

Ensuring that a differentiated and valuable brand is both exploited effectively and protected is key. Owners of existing high-profile brands need to tackle such diverse problems as counterfeit goods and copycat products, how to exploit their brand to maximum effect, and how best to embrace social media and connect interactively with consumers. These businesses also need to address issues such as carbon footprint, environmental protection and fair trade.  All this throws up legal implications around areas such as IP protection, privacy, data protection, outsourcing, product liability, reputation management, and regulatory compliance.

Our Consumer Brands experts give practical and commercial advice across a broad range of legal disciplines including corporate and commercial, intellectual property, employment, dispute resolution, and corporate finance. We also advise on specific industry issues including innovative use of technology and data, social media, supply chain management, environment and sustainability, and expansion into new markets. 

Areas of Expertise

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