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Global Data Hub draws on Taylor Wessing’s international expertise to provide you with insight and guidance on data protection issues. Our in-depth analysis, news updates and events will help you navigate the minefield of global data protection law.

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Big DataBig Data


The ever growing, eye watering amount of data we are churning out is fuelling the technology to analyse and exploit it. Opinion is divided as to whether this is a good or bad thing. Are the benefits outweighed by the privacy risks and competition issues and how is the legal framework coping with the strain? This month, Global Data Hub looks at the threats and opportunities posed by Big Data.


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APEC focusAPEC focus


We look at the data protection regimes in a number of key Asia Pacific countries. While some, like Australia, have a history of protecting personal data through dedicated legislation, others have been slower to act. Many APEC countries, have, however, recently realised or are now beginning to realise that effective data protection regulation is necessary, not only to protect the rights of their citizens, but also to enable them to have sufficient faith in organisations to entrust them with their personal data and to give oversight on cross-border transfers in the global marketplace.


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CCTV in the workplaceCCTV in the workplace


CCTV cameras are now a commonly recognised feature of the public landscape, continually recording footage of individuals across their daily lives. Data protection law applies to the private and public operators of this technology across the different ways in which it is used.


We look at how it applies, particularly in the workplace and across different jurisdictions.


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