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Small printLicensing Rights

Consumers have a multitude of rights to protect them from unscrupulous traders and sub-standard products and services, which must be communicated to them in a variety of ways.   Whether or not they want to read the information they are provided with is a different issue.  To try and ensure they can if they want to and that they understand their rights when they do, a vast legal and regulatory framework has evolved which tells traders what they can and can't do with the small print.  Navigating this can be daunting, particularly now that we are increasingly transacting online, across borders and from smart devices.  This month, Download looks at the challenges of complying with the small print requirements, focusing particularly on contracting in the digital environment.


> The small print

> Small print and small screens

> See small print for details – upcoming changes to the small print requirements

> Small print and small people

> Small print – the position in Germany

Licensing RightsLicensing Rights

This month on Download, we look at licensing rights. We set out some things you need to know before licensing intellectual property rights. We focus on developments designed to make the process of licensing copyright easier. We also take a close look at some points that need to be considered when licensing rights on a country by country basis.


> Things you need to know about licensing intellectual property rights

> Dealing in digital rights: will the Copyright Hub show the way forward?

> The complexities of territorial licensing