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Games and eGamingGames and eGaming

To coincide with the launch of our TW Play Guide to the Games and eGaming Industries, Download focuses on Games and eGaming this month.
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Major games titles now eclipse blockbuster movies both in terms of production costs and profits. At the same time, new models have emerged, with social games and the freemium model becoming the default for many publishers and the rapid growth of app stores and mobile driving revenue models. The eGaming industry has also evolved and faced significant changes including market consolidation and regulatory change.


There is huge potential for consumer and commercial Unmanned Aerial Devices (UADs), more commonly known as drones, but only if business models can be practical, legally compliant and safe. There are concerns that current laws cannot adequately deal with challenges posed by widespread use of UADs. If the legal environment becomes too restrictive, the predictions for the growth of UADs in our lives start to look over-optimistic. On the other hand, if it is too relaxed or fails properly to address the risks of using UADs, the consequences of abuse or misuse could be extremely serious. This month, Download looks at the key legal issues around UADs.