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Direct and electronic marketing compliance
Data Protection Webinar - 16 September 2014
Radar: Technology & Communications Update - September 2014


Advertising and marketing are the themes of this edition of Download. The UK sees moves underway in a variety of sectors, from food to financial services, to reinforce trust in how consumers interact with online commercial messaging. While the solution is not always more regulation, it is clear that regulators across the board are concerned to empower consumers to know when they are being marketed to and what will be done with their personal data.

Cross-border patent issuesCross-border patent issues

Download looks at issues affecting the ability of technology businesses to enforce, protect and exploit their patents across borders. We consider the present parallel tracks in Europe and the UK and the latest on the Unified Patent Court which could transform the European patent landscape. We also examine the increasingly familiar concept of patent trading and highlight how the new Technology Transfer Block Exemption applies to patent agreements.


> A two track attack – patent revocation in the EPO and UK

> The UPC and Unitary Patent: momentum gathers

> Patent exchange

> The new Technology Transfer Block Exemption