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Connected Health
Connected Health

The pace of innovation in healthcare technology is nothing short of astonishing - mobility, virtual care, remote monitoring and machine learning analytics are just a few examples. These new technologies are creating major opportunities and challenges for healthcare enterprises, be they payers, providers, medical device manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies. With a continuing influx of investment from a wide range of sources including Angels, venture capital, private equity and industry, there is no end in sight to the innovation, inspiration and income we are currently witnessing in this fast paced market which requires its participants to continuously shift and adapt to fast changing conditions. The law is, as so often, struggling to keep up and adapt as quickly as the technology it is supposed to regulate. We look at the opportunities in the Connected Health sector and at its current and prospective regulatory framework.

The Digital Single Market Strategy: vision or illusion?The Digital Single Market Strategy: vision or illusion?

The original purpose of the European Union was to encourage trade between Member States by removing barriers and encouraging free movement of goods, services and people. One area where barriers are perceived to remain is around digital goods and services. The European Commission has now published its Digital Single Market strategy, an ambitious work programme which aims at sweeping reforms to level the playing field. We take a closer look at the key proposals and consider whether they set out achievable goals in realistic timeframes.